Into Indie Games

Into Indie Games

Into Indie Games

The Brief

Harry from Into Indie Games, then IND13, approached me through a freelancing site called Upwork. IIG are a large gaming review and community site. Lots of traffic, lots of data throughput. Harry wanted quotes and proposals pertaining to the performance of the site in general and constant performance issues that were dogging the site. As with many projects that cross my desk, the site had been put together by a multitude of individual developers and had become a patchwork of code, plugins and errors. Harry had some idea of the extent of the problems so my audit of the site came as no surprise. After a couple of chats, we agreed that the site needed to be stripped back and started afresh.

The Process

Harry and I agreed upon a “refresh” specification. Due to budget limitations at the time, the best alternative to a complete rebuild was to strip everything back to the original page-builder theme and start afresh from there, as the client liked the current design, just not the functionality or performance of it.

I started by removing all plugins that were duplicates of other plugins that served the same function, non-functional plugins and obscure plugins. I then went over each plugin and decided whether or not they were adding value to the site, if they could be replaced by a more reputable/secure version or if I could manually code into the theme the functionality that was being provided by the plugin, to prevent resource wastage.

As page-builder themes are notoriously bad for performance, the client was informed that whilst a significant improvement would be made, with a page-builder theme, there would be limitations to the performance gain given the sheer amount of JavaScript page-builders invoke when loading a site. I went on to look for other areas where performance gains could be had.

Thousands of images were optimised for performance, the databases were cleaned out and the site was rebuilt with performance and SEO in mind. The result was a site that looked almost identical, but performed like a completely different site than what I was first given. After working together on the initial project, IIG trusted me with their online rebrand from IND13 to Into Indie Games, introducing advertisements to their site and reconfiguring email accounts.

To this day, IIG remain one of my clients – taking advantage of my maintenance & support package to ensure their site never falls into disrepair again.