Who I Am

Hello there, I’m Jim, currently based in Hull and I take my tea with milk and two sugars! Professionally, I’ve been creating websites in some form or another for close to ten years now. Back when it was all “Float: left” and centring a div vertically took copious amounts of effort and coffee – thankfully, we’re in the age of Flexbox and Grid, so the two years I’ve been freelancing have been much more pleasant than what I remembered!

Jim Garner

In these two years, I’ve worked with clients up and down the country, initially through a freelancing website called Upwork. Though it was never my intention to stay on there beyond getting a few good pieces of work under my belt, I’ve ended up becoming “Top Rated”. To this day I still correspond with clients on there and garner new ones periodically. Though now my main workload comes from existing clients and through word-of-mouth recommendations.

What I Do

I make websites! Alright, details; I’m a coder, I have an absolute fascination with creating things from nothing. It still blows my mind how a few lines of HTML, CSS and JavaScript can create immersive experiences and interfaces. And that’s what I do. I go about my business with the intention of designing user-friendly, minimalist and easy to use websites. Developing websites that are secure, robust, semantically awesome & SEO ready whilst staying at the bleeding edge of technology. Web technologies move at a phenomenal rate, so part of my job is also to stay up to date with the latest and greatest coding practices.

Getting Started

Where do we go from here? First, we’ll have a chat about your needs, budget, timeline and generally see if we’re a good fit. If we are a good fit, I’ll write you a proposal based on the aforementioned; factoring in whether or not things like design, content creation etc are required. After that, I’ll suggest a timeline for work to begin based on our mutual availability and set that in stone. A 50% deposit will be taken up front (the other half to be due on completion), and I’ll begin creation of your new digital identity. Generally, my workflow and process includes a discovery phase, a design phase and a development phase.

The discovery phase includes getting to know what look, feel and functionality you’re after on your site, brand colours and the like, acquiring any content, images etc from you. The design phase is where I start to get some ideas down from what you’ve told me, and you start to see your website take shape. Once you’re happy with the general look and feel of things in the design phase, I code the site up. Staying true to the design that we agreed upon. If once your new website is complete you decide a couple of minor revisions are required, we will tweak a few bits and pieces to polish up your brand new site.


Generally, I work on a flat fee basis for individual projects, so the quote you receive will be inclusive of everything we’ve discussed and tailored specifically for you. As mentioned above, half will be due upfront before work starts, and the other half upon completion. Every project is unique, so set ranges and price lists simply don’t exist for custom, bespoke websites. If you contact me with a description of what you’re after, I’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.